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Endeavor Healthcare Fun!

Our passion for what we do allows Team Endeavor the opportunity to meet great people and travel to interesting places.

Lucky for us, traveling to interesting places and good eats often go hand-in-hand. We also give back to our community as a company through our Endeavor Cares program.

Some of our favorite food stops and our recent community service activities are below.

New Braunfels Food Bank Buc-ee's Czech Stop Hardtails Los Gallos Monument Cafe' Rock Cafe Texas Pie Company Tio Dan Puffy Taco Meals On Wheels
New Braunfels Food Bank New Braunfels Food Bank

New Braunfels, Texas

Fighting Hunger...Feeding Hope. We proudly support the efforts of the New Braunfels Food Bank.

Buc-ee's Buc-ee's

All Over, Texas

Don’t crave Beaver Nuggets and Jerky when on a long car trip? Don’t even know what the heck we are talking about? Then you haven’t been to Buc-ee’s, my friend. And friends don’t let friends make pit stops anywhere else. One visit is all it takes to understand they live up to their claims of having the cleanest restrooms in the state. Know what else they have? Ice. Made from scratch. Grab your sense of humor and just go, you’ll see we are right on this one.

Czech Stop Czech Stop

West, Texas

Plan trip along I-35 through West, Texas. Czech. Place GPS in car with Exit 353 in the route directions. Czech. Time last meal so hunger peaks at Exit 352. Czech. Plan well, my friends, because you have a not-to-be-missed opportunity to visit the Czech Stop! Believe it or not, you won't find the word "kolache" in the Miriam-Webster dictionary. Seriously. I czeched. So let me define it for you - a kolache is a warm handful of buttery soft Czech heaven. Sweet or savory fillings in or on fluffy bread... but my advice is not to go with sweet or savory, it would be to go with both sweet and savory! Consuming a Hot Chubbie (sausage and cheese inside, chopped jalapenos all over the top) is practically a requirement for Texas citizenship. Bonus points for downing a Cherry kolache as follow up!

Hardtails Hardtails

Georgetown, Texas

Located on the west side of IH 35 north of Georgetown, Hardtails is the best hamburger we have had in a long time. Great buns at Hardtails!!!

Los Gallos Los Gallos

New Braunfels, Texas

Home of the best Mexican food in Texas and the best tortillas in the world. Karl eats here so often the staff knows his beverage of choice (for the curious it is iced tea: half-sweet, half-unsweet) and delivers it before we settle at a table! Debbie also votes it as the best breakfast tacos south of Austin (watch for who takes best breakfast taco north of Austin, she is currently campaigning to win Karl over!). As for Curtis? He cleverly digs in and lets Karl and Debbie discuss geography versus breakfast tacos while he swipes the last tortilla! Company lore has it that Los Gallos may be the reason that Endeavor Healthcare headquarters are located in New Braunfels.

Monument Cafe' Monument Cafe'

Georgetown, Texas

Entering Monument Café is like stepping into a 1940’s dinner, the dark wood and shiny chrome add to the experience. While everything here is good, Debbie has four words of advice: Biscuits, Limeade and Onion Rings. A close runner up for best restrooms in the state, too. Okay, here is a confession for those who are paying close attention. Technically, Curtis has not eaten here yet. But that is simply a matter of proximity and time. Karl and Debbie are convinced he will like it. So it is listed here in the meantime. You have our word that we will work diligently to gain his official opinion during one of his future north-bound treks and update the site again then.

Rock Cafe Rock Cafe

Stroud, Oklahoma

Yes, Rock Café in Stroud, OK has great eats and charm enough to keep a rack of custom coffee mugs on the wall for the early morning regulars and an impressive dollar bill origami collection that boggles the mind. Located on the famous Route 66, the restaurant’s celebrities are Sally and Betsy. First, Sally... as in "Sally Carrera," the character in the Disney movie “Cars” who is based on owner Dawn Welch’s story of chancing upon a quaint café on the Mother Road and abruptly changing her life’s direction by buying the place and putting down roots in a hopefully-never-to-be- by-gone era of Americana. Then there is Betsy. Born in 1939 and literally indestructible, as proven by her survival of a fire a few years ago that destroyed everything else. No, Betsy isn’t a crusty waitress… she is the one and only grill ever used here. By the way, Betsy has seared over 5 million burgers and counting! Great food and great history is found at the Rock Café.

Texas Pie Company Texas Pie Company

Kyle, Texas

As if the giant slice-of-pie sign on the building isn’t reason enough to visit, the actual pies are also great… no debate on that among the team. Karl and Curtis favor the Chocolate Fudge pie while Debbie votes for Cherry. Unexpected find? The Chicken Salad sandwich!

Tio Dan Puffy Taco Tio Dan Puffy Taco

Round Rock, Texas

It’s finally official! Debbie’s campaign to win Karl over has been victorious… the Endeavor Road Warriors agree this is home of the best breakfast tacos north of Austin. A little secret, this place changes names every once in a while – you’ve been warned. Locals can judge how long someone has lived here by how many name changes they remember. No worries though, the same friendly faces and recipes endure. While everything but the tortillas is made from scratch, it is the salsa that really pushes the breakfast tacos over the edge! We each feel our preferred taco combinations are muy delicioso, but Curtis particularly recommends the potato, egg, cheese and sausage. Don’t let the “hole in the wall” level and bright paint scare ya, bravely dodge the potholes in the parking lot and grab a taco or two. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know!

Meals On Wheels Endeavor Healthcare

Endeavor Team

Endeavor Cares is a conscious effort by our team to give back to the community. Our team has delivered Meals on Wheels in the past, we work on a house each year for Habitat for Humanity and volunteer at the San Antonio Area Food Bank located in New Braunfels. We truly enjoy serving others.

"All who would win joy must share it; happiness was born a twin."

Lord Byron