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Endeavor Healthcare Services!

Endeavor Healthcare’s dedicated team of professionals has experience and in-depth knowledge in all areas of healthcare.

Endeavor Healthcare provides a wide range of services including:

  • Revenue Cycle
    • Hospital, Physician and Imaging Center Billing and Collections
    • Process Review of Revenue Cycle
    • Third Party Payor Contract Review
    • Denials Management Process Review
    • Commercial Payor Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
    • Charge Description Master Maintenance and Review
  • Operations
    • Staffing and Productivity Standards
    • Vendor Contract Adherence, Recommendations and Negotiations
    • Quality and Compliance Reviews
    • Case Management Practice Review
    • Human Resource Policy and Procedure Review
  • Full Service and Interim Administrative Management
  • Consulting
    • We have access to a wide variety of consultants in addition to our outstanding team to meet any need which may exist in your organization.

en-deav-or: n. (in-'dev-ar)

  1. A conscientious effort toward an end.
  2. Purposeful or industrious activity; enterprise.